BOC Services

Our Operational Support Services are completely customizable; you can ask us to do five or fifty tasks. We go far beyond our competitors in that we provide more than just download, reconciliation, reporting and billing services. We can provide virtually any operational support activity that can be documented for process and procedure.

Although we strive to reach and promote best practices, we provide you with the information to make educated decisions about how you want us to handle operational activities. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to supporting an advisor, and best practices are not always the right path.

We currently support advisors using Advent, PortfolioCenter, Envestnet Tamarac & Orion Advisor Services, although supporting Black Diamond or any other portfolio management software is not outside of our capabilities. The attached list includes some of the services that we are accustom to providing to advisors, if you would like us to do more, less or something different, just let us know.

Our operations support structure is very comprehensive. We are accustomed to providing:

    • Download
    • Reconciliation
    • Reporting
    • Billing
    • Trade implementation
      (allocation uploads)
    • Trade settlement verification
    • Advisor website uploads

    • New account setup
    • Cost basis data entry
    • Cost basis reconciliation
    • Asset transfer facilitation
    • Cash flow facilitation
    • RMD follow-up
    • CRM maintenance
    • And more

If we can create a procedure document, we can perform the task.

Download the Sample Services List

(printable PDF)